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Attention parents!

At Carmunnock Pre-School Nursery we actively encourage parents to become involved in preschool life. One way in which you can do this is by joining the committee.

Our Committee

Carmunnock Pre-School Nursery is a registered Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) and therefore has to have a committee to legally be allowed to operate. The committee has to have at least the 3 elected roles of Chairperson, Treasurer and Secretary and operates ideally with at least 5 registered members. Without the committee the nursery would have to close as it is a legal requirement to ensure its operation.


Involvement is voluntary and you don’t need any previous experience to make a difference.

You can volunteer for whatever role interests you most, either using the skills you already have or developing new ones you can add to your CV!

You may worry that you don’t have any valuable skills to offer but there are always lots of ways that you can contribute to the committee which may include; 

  • Helping at the summer sort out (painting walls, light gardening, cleaning toys etc.)
  • Ideas for supporting the nursery with planning 
  • Organising fundraising events including welly walks, summer BBQ, Christmas evening, sports days etc – and we are always open to new ideas! 
  • Helping the nursery management decide what new equipment fundraising monies can buy
  • Helping at the events
  • Organising trips

Roles & Responsibilities

Committee members work closely with nursery manager to ensure it runs efficiently and fulfills its legal obligations.

The committee has to have 3 elected roles which are the Chairperson, Treasurer and Secretary. For a list of duties for each role please ask a committee member for details. Tasks can be shared out between different parents so that all the work need not fall on any one person. Assistant roles of the above are also actively encouraged if membership allows to help share responsibility. Newly created role titles are actively welcomed if members want to direct their efforts in a particular direction i.e. fundraising role. If you do not feel that you would like to commit to an elected role we would still encourage you to join the committee as we always need general committee members too!


The nursery committee usually meets quarterly online. Over the last couple of years, this was increased to six weeks however now that the covid guidance has been relaxed it was agreed that the frequency would reduce again.

You can choose to give as much or as little time as you can spare. At committee meetings when making decisions to meet its quorum (the minimum number of members needed to enable decision making) either 4 members or a third of the total committee membership has to be present.

The AGM is usually held in August. 

Why you?

It is legally essential for the nursery to have a committee of at least 5 members for it to be able to run. There are many benefits of joining a committee; 
  • Children achieve more when parents are involved with their learning and development
  • Learn new skills in areas such as management, marketing and recruitment and update existing ones
  • Get more involved/give back to the community
  • Meet other parents and widen your social network 

If you are interested in joining the committee and feel able to share your skills, time and ideas (or know any non-parents whom may be interested) please speak to any of the staff or current committee members.

Got a Question?

We understand it’s not always easy to contact us doing opening hours. If you leave us a message, one of the team will be in contact with you soon to carry on our conversation!